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Imagine a Positive Outlook – It’s easier than you think. Got 5 minutes?

If there is only one thing that you take away from this post, please let it be this:

Make a choice to focus on the positive. It’s that simple.

It is always your choice, and you always have that power. If you want to achieve something, anything, do not deny yourself the ability to determine how you view your circumstances. You are the one who creates and tells your own story.

It may be difficult at times to flip that mental switch, but it can be done. Even if you have to put in the work to do it you will eventually prevail. It can be effortless as long as you allow it to be. Just recognize that it takes the same amount of effort to view something positive as it does to see something negatively.

Have you ever noticed that wherever your mind goes your circumstances are bound to follow?

If you make the choice right now, in whatever circumstances you find yourself, to be positive, then only positive can come from it.

“Well, what about all the bad $hit going on in my life?”

Yeah it’s there, so what? Do you have to dwell on it? Is it going to change by constantly dwelling on it and building it up in your mind? NO!

You don’t change your circumstances by focusing on the negative. The only thing you get from that is more negative. When you choose to focus on that, you are telling your brain “Yes, more of that please!”. But you don’t want more of that. So what can you do?

You focus on whatever small actions you can take. Break down your goal to the smallest possible step, then do it.

That’s positive. It empowers you. What small change can you make today to bring you closer to your goal? If you’re really tired and frustrated and worried, what’s one small thing you can do? Can you take 5 minutes to visualize? Can you just imagine for a moment where you hard work will eventually take you? Even if you’re almost completely spent, mentally and physically, I’m willing to bet that you have it in you to visualize positive outcomes for 5 minutes. Start there.

Once you do that, and realize how good it feels, visualize yourself taking the next step. What’s the next task on your plate? See it – then repeat it in your head until you’re motivated to do it, then do it. Rinse and repeat.

When you do this your mind will naturally begin to focus on consistent positive action. Negativity has to fall by the wayside when you think this way. And remember all it takes is a choice. You may have to make that choice over and over again. But you gotta do what you gotta do if you want success. :)

Hope this helps someone.

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