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Modeling success – using creative visualization to internalize successful qualities

An Eternal Lullaby

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Modeling yourself after successful people is a natural way to enhance your positive qualities.

If you’re fortunate enough to be around good role models this becomes a simple process. If you don’t have this opportunity you’ll soon know how to learn from a good mentor, even if you cannot work with them directly.

This article will focus on how to use creative visualization to develop the character of a successful individual.

The reason I bring up character development is because of its relevance to success. It was previously mentioned that all of our actions and decisions come from ingrained mental scripts. To achieve success it’s necessary to have scripts that align with your goals. Through the process of character development and modeling successful people, your actions will align with your goals; taking you naturally down your chosen path.

Modeling success can be achieved by using a clearly defined system. Please consider these helpful guidelines and make them your own. Not everyone’s process will look the same, but using these proven methods will create a solid foundation for your system.

Study those individuals who possess the qualities that inspire you.

When I say study – that’s precisely what I mean. It’s not enough to simply watch an interview or two and think that you know someone. Most successful people want to share their success. It’s highly probably that they have written extensively on what they did to achieve their goals.

Seek out books or lectures that your role model has created. Become familiar with their work so that you can better understand how they think. When you understand them intimately, then you’ll find that you can build upon their knowledge. Great men have used this method and the process was described succinctly when Sir Isaac Newton said:

“If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Make yourself into a visionary by standing on the shoulders of leaders in your field. When you read the biographies of successful people you will begin to see the patterns involved with success. Particular qualities and values will become apparent as you study success. Take note of these qualities and consider which of them you’d like to bring into your life.

Create a list of those qualities that you’d like to cultivate

By making a list of positive qualities you’ll get a clear picture of what to focus on. Take your time to really consider each quality and how the individual displays it. When someone speaks do they have a way of conveying their good-natured spirit? Maybe their selflessness shines through in their actions. Consider the ways that you might act similarly. How do you think you’d feel when this becomes a part of your character?

Once you have a good idea of how a certain quality feels, mentally rehearse what this looks like to you. There are two parts that should come together in your visualizations – you must see yourself act a particular way and also feel that event as if it’s your normal way of being. When you visualize yourself in these mental scenes consider every detail precisely – imagine what you would think and feel, as well as the actions you will take.

By rehearsing these details mentally you’ll have a very good idea of your future actions. It’s not just about thinking or planning what you’ll do however. Because these traits will become a part of your character you will act in the desired way automatically. You won’t have to consider your words or actions – they will just flow naturally from the core of your being.

I would recommend taking one quality at a time and practicing with it until you’re comfortable. Drastic change doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t get frustrated if this is challenging. If you feel the need to rush, maybe you can try to visualize being patient and relaxed. These are important qualities for overcoming difficulties after all.

Refine your visualization exercise

When you create a mental scene it might not play out exactly how you intended. Your mind already has preconditioned ways of thinking. When you imagine something, it will probably coincide with what you think is possible, not necessarily with what you want.

It’s important to continuously practice so that you refine the mental picture to coincide with your intended goal. Use visualization on a daily basis. Each time you rehearse your mental scene you’ll  learn something new. You’ll recognize what mistakes to avoid while also integrating appropriate mental scripts.

Even though you may need to refine your visualization practice don’t rush to change things too often. You should maintain persistence of vision  so you have time to build the proper habits. If you change your goals constantly then you won’t be able to actualize any of them. Imagine your goal and patiently allow yourself to make it happen. By pursuing a goal with single-minded purpose you will attain focus and be able to overcome obstacles with greater ease.

Trust that your success is inevitable
There is an element of faith that’s required for this process. When you engage your imagination, you begin to think on a different level. You actually stop thinking with your reactive mind and you engage higher cognitive processes. Therefore, when you start using creative visualization you have to trust that your goals will become actualized. If you continue to use your old method of thinking, then you’ll get the same old results.

Letting go of the “old you” is part of this process of creation. By focusing on your goal and continuously imagining it as if it’s already present you are moving towards making it real.

When you act as if you cannot fail, then you will fully commit to every action. Trusting that your goals will be realized allows you to think decisevely. Decisive action is an important step for making big change in your life. Visualization will allow you to make these steps and realize these changes through a very natural process.

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