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How the most decorated Olympian of all time practices creative visualization

Learning about the different ways that highly successful people use visualization can be inspiring. It confirms the usefulness and practicality of mental rehearsal. Visualization is excellent for sports, but it’s not the only use. Anyone can use it and I highly recommend it for training yourself to bring out your best in every day situations. This is how Michael Phelps uses visualization in sports, but these lessons can be applied elsewhere for good results.

One thing that stood out to me when they describe Phelps’ visualization practice are the various ways that he uses it. Michael Phelps mentally prepares by looking at various scenarios – both good and bad. He doesn’t limit himself to focusing on the positive, and recognizes that things can go wrong. So he trains himself to be able to respond correctly to every situation. It’s an important point and I think it’s something that we can all learn from and apply to our own creative visualization practice. Also, in spite of what’s going on he maintains confidence that he’ll respond appropriately. I believe that training, both physical and mental, play a large role in that confident attitude.

Another interesting aspect of Phelps’ visualization practice is that he sees an event from multiple angles. They mentioned that not only does he visualize it from his own perspective, but he also imagines what it would be like to see it from the stands. It seems that viewing a scene from somewhere else could give you unique insight into what’s going on. The alternative perspective gives your mind a broader point view to see every aspect of what you’re supposed to be doing.

These are some interesting insights into the mind of a world-class athlete. Hopefully you can use some of this information to build upon and improve your creative visualization practice.

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